Pasante Taste, 12´s

Tray: 5 x 12´s Carton: 60 x 12´s
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Pasante Mixed pack contains coloured and uniquely flavoured latex condoms. The condoms are treated with a water-based lubricant and have a delicious fragrance!

One pack of 12 contains:

  • 3 pcs brown condoms with chocolate flavour
  • 3 pcs red condoms with strawberry flavour
  • 3 pcs blue condoms with blueberry flavour
  • 3 pcs green condoms with mint flavour

NB! The number of condoms is always 12 but the flavour combination might vary.

Length: 180 mm

Width: 52 mm

Thickness: 0.07 mm

Material: Latex

Languages on pack: EN-DE-FR-IT-ES-SE-PL-CZ

EAN: 5060359483355