EXS Smiley Face 100´s

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Fun condom-wrappers that contain a slightly larger condom inside!

EXS Smiley Face is a larger condom that gives plenty of room for the penis. If you feel that the condoms are slowing down the ejaculation, even if you don't want that, you might wanna try a larger condom instead. The bigger size makes the condom easier to apply and does not weigh on the penis.

EXS Smiley Face is wrapped in round covers and covered with smiley faces, that will definitely make the mood even more merrier!

With a nominal width of 56 cm, these condoms will fit a penis with a girthof 128-131mm.

Length: 190mm
Width from the root: 56mm
Width from the tip: 65mm
Thickness: 0,07mm