Billy Boy Extra Lubricated 12's

Tray: 5 x 12´s Carton: 140 x 12´s
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The standard condom from Billy Boy is treated with additional lubricant which makes it easy to roll on the condom whilst providing more pleasurable sex and a more natural feeling.

Usually, condoms with additional lubricant are also thicker than standard as they are designed for anal sex. However, these condoms have a standard thickness of 0.07 mm which is just like a regular condom, but with additional sensational lubrication!

The condom has a straight fit and a sperm container at the tip.

•Length: 185 mm

•Width 52 mm

•Thickness: 0.07 mm

With a nominal width of 52 mm these condoms fit a girth of 115-119 mm.

Languages on pack: EN-NL-DE-FR-SL-HR

EAN: 4008600236542