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Promotional Condoms Europe - CE Marked

Promotional condoms is a fun and efficient marketing tool for companies, unions, events and political parties.

Promotional condoms combine the two pillars of marketing: humour and sex. The consumer will smile at the same time as they have your brand in their hands. It is hard to find another give-away product that is associated with so many emotions as give-away condoms!

Take advantage of the power of promotional condoms on fair trades, exhibitions or other moments where your brand is in contact with your target audience. Combine with a fun slogan or message to get the best results!

Great visibility

Promotional condoms spreads fast and the receiver surely remembers getting one! Compared to business cards, pens, flyers and candy, you will find that promotional condoms gets the message spread a lot faster through word-of-mouth and social media than traditional give-aways.

Using promotional condoms shows responsibility. STDs, STIs and unwanted pregnancies is a serious issue - You can show that you are figting this one condom at a time!

Promotional condoms are affordable

Promotional condoms is a cost effective marketing tools.

- Prices from 0,34€/pcs

- Minimum ordder quantity 100kpl

- Delivery time 3-4 weeks

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FAQ - Give-away condoms

Who can use promotional condoms in their marketing?
Organizations such as insurance companies, night clubs, festivals, construction companies, food brands etc etc etc are using promotional condoms. It is really just your own imagination that sets the limits!

Are the condoms safe to use?
Yes, the condom we use in our promotional condom is Pasante Regular, a regular sized condom that is sold in over 60+ countries all over Europe. Pasante is a condom brand from the United Kingdom owned by one of the largest condom manufacturers Karex Berhad.

What is the expiration date of condoms?
Our stock is turned over all the time and that is why we always have fresh condoms in stock that we use for promotional condoms. The expiration date on a condom is around 4-5 years and we guarantee a minimum of 3 years on our promotional condoms. The expiration date and LOT number is always printed on the condom foil.

How to design the package?
You can do the artwork yourself or have us do it. As the package will be printed it needs to be delivered in vectorized format (made with eg. Adobe InDesign or Illustrator). If you wish to design your own artwork we will send you an artwork template to work on.

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Private Label Condom Supplier in Europe

Are you looking for a seamless journey from concept to shelf for your condom private label projects?

We help on regulatory issues, range specification, packaging design, foreasting, stock keeping and everything else you need to launch a successful condom brand.

Our private label condoms are regulatory correct to be sold worldwide, manufactured in ISO 4074 and ISO 13485 certified factories by one of the largest condom manufacturers in the world.

Custom printed condom foils

If you are going to use condoms as a sample or as part of a promotional condom campaign, custom printed condom foils is the way to go. At lower quantities of 13 680 condoms we offer flexoprint foils. Flexoprint is a cost effective printing process with shorter lead times and lower minimum order quantities. It is also possible to flexoprint on lubricant sample sachets.

Flexoprint technology has some limitations. For the best end result you should use flat colours. Any gradients and blends will not work. Our service team will help you achieve the best result.

For larger volumes, minumum of 144 000 condoms we can offer what ever design on the condom foil. Our sales team will guide you through what manufacturing process is most suitable for your private label project.

Private Label Lubricants

Intimate lubes are a natural part of a intimate brand. We can help create premium and paraben free quality lubricants.

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